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TEMA: Session 4 - Final Product (Oto19)

Session 4 - Final Product (Oto19) 3 años 10 meses antes #22027

  • María de los Ángeles Serrano Islas
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I want to congratulate each of you and your teams on their excellent work, with which I can say that the subject has interested you, transmit pass on your knowledge to family, friends and schoolmates, in order to help mitigate deforestation in our communities and therefore globally.

On this occasion, we will talk about how we will integrate our digital ecology journal, which will contain the work carried out during the development of the project, especially the evidence of the implementation of the Disclosure Campaign and whether they achieved sensitize the educational community.

On the other hand, I ask you to express in your own words about what you learned during the development of the project and what you will do from now on for the care of your environment.

Finally, we would like to know what you they think of the issues that were addressed in the project and and what else would you like to know, for which I invite you to respond to the Satisfaction Survey.
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