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TEMA: Session 3 - Outreach Campaign (Oto19)

Session 3 - Outreach Campaign (Oto19) 1 año 11 meses antes #21392

  • María de los Ángeles Serrano Islas
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Dear friends.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your excellent work in the first two stages of the project, in which I could see your interest in this environmental problem, deforestation, as well as the actions that we must keep in mind to mitigate or reverse this environmental problem.

On the other hand, once they have analyzed everything that happened in the Amazon Rainforest, we can say that this event can cause great environmental problems, especially contributes to the increase of CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases. But let's see what happens in other parts of the world. To do this, read the following information and list the regions that are on fire in other parts of the world and reflect on this global problem and the short- or medium-term consequences are and can have.

The other Amazons that also burn:

Finally, share the objectives of the outreach campaign, the evidence obtained and lessons. Let us comment on the results obtained, in the sense of themselves managed to raise awareness of the population. Otherwise, consider other actions in order to achieve the objectives set out.
We're in touch, cordial greetings.
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